Catherine jefferson, bs1; susan bowyer, phd2; christopher l. Drake, phd1 a randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behavior therapy plus bright light therapy for adolescent delayed sleep phase disorder. 1671-1680. Michael gradisar, phd1; hayley dohnt, phd1; greg gardner, m psych1; sarah paine, phd1; karina starkey, m psych1; annemarie menne, m psych1; amy slater, phd1; helen wright, phd1; jennifer l. Hudson, phd2; edward weaver, b psyc (hon)1; sophie trenowden, b psyc (hon)1 relation between self-reported sleep duration and arterial stiffness: a cross-sectional study of middle-aged japanese civil servants. 1681-1686. buy viagra cheap Eiji yoshioka, md, phd1; yasuaki saijo, md, phd2; toshiko kita, mlitt1; eisaku okada, mms1; hiroki satoh, md, phd1; mariko kawaharada, phd3; reiko kishi, md, mph, phd1 continuous positive airway pressure in severe obstructive sleep apnea reduces pain sensitivity. 1687-1691. Imran khalid, md1; timothy a. Roehrs, phd2; david w. Hudgel, md3; thomas roth, phd2 the performance of two automatic servo-ventilation devices in the treatment of central sleep apnea. generic viagra daily use 1693-1698. cost viagra cvs pharmacy Shahrokh javaheri, md1; mark g. viagra coupon Goetting, md2; rami khayat, md3; paul e. Wylie, md4; james l. Goodwin, phd5; sairam parthasarathy, md5 higher frontal eeg synchronization in young women with major depression: a marker for increased homeostatic sleep pressure?. 1699-1706. Angelina birchler-pedross, phd1; sylvia frey, phd1; sarah laxhmi chellappa, md, phd1 , 2; thomas gã¶tz, md1; patrick brunner, md1; vera knoblauch, phd1; anna wirz-justice, phd1; christian cajochen, phd1 correlating subjective and objective sleepiness: revisiting the association using survival analysis. buy cheap viagra 1707-1714. R. viagra online europe Nisha aurora, md1; brian caffo, phd2; ciprian crainiceanu, phd2; naresh m. viagra online without prescription Punjabi, md, phd1 , 3 poor self-reported sleep quality predicts mortality within one year of inpatient post-acute rehabilitation among older adults. 1715-1721. Jennifer l. Martin, phd1 , 2; lavinia fiorentino, phd3; stella jouldjian, msw, mph2; michael mitchell, phd2; karen r. Josephson, mph2; cathy a. Alessi, md1 , 2 the association of fatigue with depression and insomnia in hiv-seropositive patients: a pilot study. 1723-1726. Yinghui low, bsc1 , 2; xavier preud'homme, md2 , 4; harold w. order viagra online Goforth, md2 , 3 , 4; toma omonuwa, md2; andrew d. Krystal, md, ms2 stimulus-induced, sleep-bound, focal seizures: a case report. 1727-1730. Francesca siclari, md1 , 3; lino nobili, md, phd6; giorgio lo russo, md6; alessio moscato, phy msc6; alfred buck, md2; claudio l. generic viagra online Bassetti, md1 , 4; ramin khatami, md1 , 5  table of contents are you a subscriber? If you are a subscriber to sleep (including members of the aasm and srs), please login for full access to the journal. Not a subscriber? Non-subscribers have.
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